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Author Unknown

Number of Players: 2

Ask for: something to start the scene as well as words and phrases

Description: Get about 7 or 8 words and phrases from the audience and write them down large enough for everyone to see. The scene begins with the audience suggestion. During the course of the game, the 2 players should use and incorporate each word and phrase

provided by the audience. The game ends when all of the words and phrases have been used, a "tag line" is give, and "scene" is called.

Tips and Comment: Be sure to have another player cross of each word or phrase as they are used in the scene. Do not stray from scene structure. You may be tempted to play the scene based on the words and phrases rather than playing the scene incorporating the words

and phrases. If you do the former, the scene will be in big trouble. Chances are that you will be saying words and phrases without properly incorporating them. You must give justification for using the suggestions.

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