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Author Unknown

Number of Players: 2

Ask for: a page number and one to start the scene

Description: One player is "on book" and the other is "off book." The player using the script will open to the page designated by the audience. He/she will then pick a character and read only that character's lines. The two players then start a scene based on the audience suggestion. The player on book can only read the line from the script while the "off book" player must incorporate the lines into the scene. The scene ends with a "tag line" and "scene" being called.

Tips and Comments: This is a fun game for the audience. If the "off book player begins the scene with a fairly long and detailed offer, it makes the first scripted line more funny. It can also provide direction for the scene. If you are on book, try to use vocal inflection to manipulate the lines so they are more easily incorporated into the scene. The audience will love it if you apply a line that seemingly doesn't fit the scene. if you are not playing this game it is your job to look for an effective "tag line." Pay attention and don't let the scene go on too long. Sometimes use a Shakespeare script and have the "off book" player improvise Elizabethan language. This is easier than you think, and audiences are always amazed

when it works.

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