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Reality vs. Illusion

How do people create illusion out of harsh reality?

You have chosen a tragic event. You have a list of details and individuals. You are now going to create a scene in pairs.


1. Your task is to create a two character, one location scene.

2. Decide on names for the two characters and a relationship between the two characters.

3. Decide on the location.

4. Give the characters an activity to do during the scene. Your location may determine the activity. If they’re in a laundromat, they’ll be folding laundry. If they’re in a restaurant, they could be waiters setting up before service.

5. Each character will have a different point of view.

a. Character A represents the reality of the event. They state the facts.

b. Character B represents the illusion of the event. They shroud the tragedy in a softer light as a coping mechanism.

6. Prepare the scene. Remember to base the scene on the event. Before you present your scene complete the Scene Checklist.

7. Present the scene.

Reality vs Illusion Scene Checklist

Complete this checklist and hand it in on the day you present your scene.



We understand this assignment.

_____We have based our scene on the tragic event.

_____We have prepared a two character one location scene.

_____We have given our characters names.

_____We have decided on a relationship for our characters.

_____We have chosen an activity to do during the scene.

_____We have given Character A and Character B the identified points of view in the assignment.

_____We are happy with our work.

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