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Confidence in Performing


Students will demonstrate their ability to perform confidently by performing five minute dramatic fairytale adaptations for the class.

Materials Needed

Extra large white paper, coloring markers

Anticipatory Set/Hook

Clear room and play top two favorite Improv games of class

Teaching Presentation:

Step 1: Have students gather, sitting, around the board, and ask for a volunteer to write on the board.

Step 2: Ask the questions "How were you able to play those games?" "What do you think was important for you to have in playing those games?" Lead discussion toward having confidence.

Step 3: Circle "Confidence" or connect it to what is on the board. Have the students split themselves up into groups of four(ish) and have them discuss what elements they think are needed when you have confidence on stage. Have one person from each group come up and get an extra large sheet of white paper and markers.

Step 4: Have each group brainstorm and write it/color on the paper. Give them seven


Step 5: Gather everyone back together. Have each group present why and have all students

circle similarities with different colors. Write main ones on the board. (Examples- loud voice, speak clearly, face the audience, eye contact with those on stage, comfortable on stage...etc) Step 6: Have them break into groups of 5 and have each group pick a number. This number corresponds with a fairy tale. (1=Cinderella, 2=Little Red Riding Hood, 3=Jack and the Beanstalk, 4=Sleeping Beauty, 5=The Little Mermaid) Step 7: Tell students to focus on the things we discussed that are part of performing confidently.

Step 8: Give them five minutes to prepare. (Give or take. Walk around the classroom and see how each group is doing. According to the circumstances, apply exquisite pressure or give more time)

Step 9: Gather students back together and have each group perform. When students in the audience notice one of the elements of confidence that we discussed being used, have them snap softly. (If this gets too distracting, stop.)

Step 10/Closure: Record performances and tell the students we will watch

them the next day or soon.

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