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Jim Bowman

Where in normal A-Z you must start each sentence with consecutive letters, here you have three people, one of whom is not constrained. Players A and B must follow the alphabet, and C can say whatever she/he pleases.


A: All right, who let the tiger out?

B: But it was your turn to feed him!

A: Couldn't you just let me give him his Lion Chow?

B: Darn, you should have thought about that…

C: Look guys, the lion went into the mall!

A: Now look what you've done!

B: Oh, I hadn't thought about that!

A: Perhaps we should bring a leash.

B: Quizno's has some fat people working there so maybe he went there.

A: Rick, grab the trap and the coupons!

C: Why in the world would you want coupons?

A: Didn't have any lunch and want to keep my strength up to catch lions.

B: Even I remembered to eat something before I came.

An actual scene must develop, with the random C changing the pattern of the alphabet. The other players must remember the scene, then,

as well as the letters.

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