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The Theatre Lesson Plan Exchange

Educational Objective: The students will demonstrate their ability to use their voices in different ways by creating a radio commercial.

Materials Needed: Slips of paper with animal names written on them (4-5 of each animal), Tape recorder (preferably with more than one microphone), Audio tapes (one for each group).

Hook: Have the slips of paper with animal names on them, folded up, in a container. These will be groups so have the same number of slips as students with an equal amount of different animal names. Have each student draw a slip from the container but they must not open them yet. Explain that they cannot speak words and the only way that can communicate is by making animal noises. Tell them that they must now find all the other animals that are the same as themselves. (This is a fun way to get them in their groups and it makes them change their voices).

Step 1: Hand each group a copy of the real-estate radio commercial (attached). Give them five minutes to prepare it and then have them perform it. After each groups' performance ask the following questions:

1. Which of the owners lines best revealed his attitude toward the visitors?

2. Which words of the owner were given more emphasis? Were these the most effective?

3. Which of the actors words were more effective because of the speed (slow or fast) of which they were delivered? Would they be more effective at a different rate?

4. How might the actors show more feeling by changing their voice tone or quality?

5. Are there any lines that should get special emphasis?

6. Discuss the crisis and how it was resolved.

Step 2: Explain that they will now have to create and record their own radio commercial from scratch. (If possible, ask the marketing teacher in the school if his class can listen to the finished commercials and judge which one was the most effective). Explain that they will actually record it onto a tape and then listen to it with the rest of the class and if

possible the marketing class will judge them by their effectiveness. Hand each group a Commercial Assignment Guideline and a Commercial Assignment Outline. They will need to keep the Guideline to prepare their commercials but they will need to turn in their outlines by the end of class.

Step 3: Go over all the information on both the Guideline sheet and the Outline sheet.

Step 4: Give them the rest of the time to prepare and rehearse their commercial. The outlines are due at the end of class.


1. Choose a director, someone who will have the final authority concerning casting, interpretation, timing, sound effects, etc.

2. Choose a technical director who is responsible for operation of the equipment, microphone placement, sound effects, etc.

3. The director and technical director may also have speaking roles but they should be minor ones.

4. Before making final assignments you may want to decide on what kind of roles you need and what you are advertising.

5. Be imaginative and have fun in creating sound effects.

6. Strive for perfection. Don't be satisfied with "pretty good". Try some variations.


* You must decide what you will advertise.

* You must write a script.

* The final commercial must be between 30-60 seconds long.

* You must use at least one sound effect.

* During the commercial at least one actor must change his voice other than an accent.

* At least one actor must use an accent.

* The commercial must have a crisis and a resolution.



Product to be advertised:

Working Title of commercial:

What is the Crisis?

How will the Crisis be resolved?

Who are the characters?

Briefly outline the commercial:

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