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Hand Tools:

26' tape measure

100' tape measure

carpenter square

combination square with 45 and 90 degrees

snap chalkline

4' level

small torpedo level

claw hammers

phillips and flat screwdriver sets

hex key (Allen wrench) set

nut driver set

socket wrench set with extra socket wrench ratchet handles

extra 7/16, 1/2, 9/16 sockets, regular and deep

adjustable wrenches

channel lock wrench

combination wrench set

lg and sm pliers, including needle nose

locking pliers (vise-grips)

diagonal cutters

locking gripping pliers of various sizes

wood and metal file sets

wood chisel

cold chisel

punch sets

mat knives

drill index with bits up to 1/4

paddle drill bit set 1/4-1 1/2

industrial staple gun


hand saws


bar clamps, 5' & 9'

lg and sm c-clamps

wire brushes

Stationary Power Tools:

5-horsepower table saw

14" or larger band saw

sliding compound mitre saw

variable speed drill press

bench-mounted belt sander

Handheld Power Tools:

14-volt cordless drills w/ dual batteries & chargers

circular saw

reciprocating saw


heavy-duty corded hammer drill with side handle

scrolling jigsaws

oscillating palm sanders

3" belt sander

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