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Pantomime a simple activity as a group (no interaction) . . . Great warm-up!

Raking up leaves, ice skating, washing the car, waxing the car, vacuuming the floor, building a camp fire, walking the dog, brushing your teeth, fluffing a pillow, eating a lemon, walking on hot coals, bathing the dog, planting flowers in a garden, skiing, hiking up a mountain,

holding a newborn baby, wrapping a present, fly fishing, shoveling snow, paddling a canoe, listening to a rock concert, playing in a rock band/ orchestra, taking a calculus test, jump roping, painting a fence, chewing gum and blowing a bubble, bowling, building a sand castle,

standing in line at a store, carrying heavy luggage, walking on a beach collecting sea shells, putting groceries away, cooking pancakes, playing a baseball position, washing dishes, surfing, playing jacks, looking for a contact lens, taking pictures, sweeping the floor, painting a wall, watering plants, juggling, lifting weights, arranging flowers in a vase, etc.

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