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Students will demonstrate their ability to make an entrance by preparing an authoritative and strong entrance.

Materials Needed

Videotape of Kramer (Seinfeld) entering a room under more than one circumstance. Video Clip: Hello Dolly Where Dolly Levi enters the restaurant for the first time.

Anticipatory Set/Hook

Begin class by reviewing relaxation exercises. Have students move their chairs and lie down on the floor, eyes shut, palms facing towards the ceiling. Five neutral

breaths on their own. Then go through the tension and release process once again. When they have finished that slowly bring them back to a standing position of consciousness and have them return to their seats.

Have three students go into the hall so that they can be called on one by one. Explain that they will be making some sort of entrance into the room (secretly assign one to be the strong and confident player). Tell the class that we will be mock auditioning these students today for the part of ‘teacher’s pet’ for a day and that you, the teacher are the director in which these three are trying to impress.Call in the first student and allow them to

fumble and be timid or whatever it is they choose to do. Without any comments to the last audition call in the next participant. Allow them to make the same mistakes without any comments. Lastly have the third come in and perform. End this step by naming one of those students the pet for the day’. Step three: Ask the class what the differences were in these three entrances. What worked well, what didn’t? Remind the students that the second a

director lays eyes on you are when you’ve started auditioning for their play or film or whatever. You need to have an air of confidence and certainty. What were some of the obvious problems in relation to this? What could have been helped? Step four: Pass out slips of paper with these two scenarios on it:

1. Imagine you are coming to meet and entertain crippled children, the disabled, or a group of senior citizens. Smile as you walk in. Project and radiate all the warmth you can muster.

2. Imagine you own the building and studio the rehearsals are taking place at. Imagine how it would feel if the people holding the auditions were delinquent and owed you three months back rent.

Break them into groups of four to read over the scenarios and discuss these two entrance ideas. Decide which entrance would work best for you, is easier for you to imagine and understand? Rearrange the groups and have them reevaluate not only for themselves but for the other members of that group as well.

Watch video clips of Kramer and Dolly Levi. Neither of them were even remotely similar so why did they both work?

What did Dolly Levi have that demanded attention?

Why is it always so noticeable when Kramer enters a


And what is it about Kramer and his presence that

lands him lucky deals?

Talk about how Kramer’s entrances are very distinct and clear. Although silly, there is no

confusion about what this guy is here to do: entertain. There are ways to find small distinctions of having an entrance be characteristic of them that could enhance their


How could you have that same defiance that Dolly Levi has?

What is it specifically about her entrance

that was so entrancing?

Make an assignment that they are all to come up with one characteristic entrance for themselves as themselves to perform for the class tomorrow.


Students can write out a description of their entrance to turn in for credit today.

Author's Notes

This lesson plan was created in mind of auditioning (the student as him/herself), however, it can be used as a lesson for creating entrances as a specific character in a


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