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from The Drama Teacher's Resource Room

How do they make that stuff seem so real, even from the first few rows?? It's easy if you know a few tricks and you have some easy to find materials at hand.

The best method to make smallish props food is to use white styrofoam (or beadboard ) , which you can get from the local hardware or lumber supply store. It comes in 4'x8' sheets, unless you have an understanding retailer in your area! Here we go!



mat or exacto-knives

emery board

white glue or rubber latex



acrylic paint & brushes.


1. Carve the beadboard into the desired shape. Use an emery board nail file to smooth out the rough edges. Some objects will be one large piece (tarts) while others will be made in sections (veggie tray).

2. Glue sections together using toothpicks to hold it together until dry.

3. Cut small cheesecloth strips and when the beadboard is totally dry apply the strips with a glue and water wash (2:1). For items such as bread, rubber latex on the cheesecloth looks extremely real.

4. Do at least 2 coats of cheesecloth and when dry paint your foodstuff using acrylic paint.

5. Spray to seal with gloss or matte coat or acrylic varnish.

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