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Author Unknown

Number of Players: 2


One player will be a customer and the other will have the unenviable job of manning the complaint counter. The customer leaves the stage (to an area that is soundproof) while the player introducing the game asks for an object. When the object is given, the customer enters the scene to return the object (of course he/she doesn't know the object) to the complaint dept. By the end of the scene the customer must name and justify the object.

Tips and Comments:

If the customer comes in with an elaborate opening statement about why the object was purchased, what he/she did with it, and what doesn't work, the audience will love the fact that the customer appears to be digging themselves in a hole. But a good player (who is manning the complaint dept. counter) can use the information to guide the customer in the right direction. With all guessing games, it may be a good idea to get the audience to snap their fingers when a player is close and to clap when they finally get the suggestion. The scene should end when the customer justifies why they used the object incorrectly.

Another variation is to have an all-play in which each player is given a word and each takes their turn at manning the complaint dept. then turning right around and being the next complaining customer. Speed is the key to this variation.

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