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ComedySportz of Chicago

·3 players

·get audience suggestions (two per player)

- line of dialogue from a movie

- a cliché

- piece of advice your mom gave you

- song lyrics

·also get a location or situation

·Each player is given a slip of paper with dialogue suggestions from audience. The scene begins with location or situation suggestions. At random thru-out scene, players pull slips out of their pockets, read them, THEN justify the line! Start with two players with a third hanging

back to enter the scene later.

·Sometimes start the scene with a line

·When paper is used, crumple it up and throw it on the floor

·Don't just talk, use some mime to establish the location or activity

·Don't rely on what's in your pocket to control the scene - ESTABLISH IT and STICK TO IT!

·Decide: "What is the focus of the scene?"

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