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Author Unknown

This game can be played with as many people as desired, but it is strongly recommended to start with only four until you get really good or unless you are really advanced. Two people are on stage and ask the audience for a situation, place, and a problem and/or relationship.

Then, two other people are chosen to be their "egos." The first two people start an improv with the guidelines given by the audience, and the "egos" can interrupt at anytime to let the audience know what the character is really thinking.

Example: John and Lori are the improvisers, and Matt and Jessica are the Egos, respectively.

Situation: John is in the hospital, and Lori is his nurse.

Lori: Good morning, and how are you feeling today?

(Jessica): You spoiled, whiny, snot-nosed BRAT!

John: Great now that you're here.

(Matt): She likes me!

Lori: So is there anything I can do for you? Can I get you anything?

(Matt): You really want to know?

John: Yeah, my bandage is a little tight, could you adjust it?

(Jessica): You've got to be kidding me! You want me to touch that?

Lori: I'd be happy to.

(Matt): And I'm the King of Spain!

John: Thanks.

Lori: Anytime.

(Jessica): Provided I live through the first time!

(Matt): I knew it...she wants me!

It is important to remember that Lori cannot hear Matt, as he represents John's thoughts, and John cannot hear Jessica because she is Lori's thoughts. And Jessica and Matt can't hear each other! This game takes incredible focus, especially when you have a good scene and

all four actors are good and funny. Another twist is to have the characters be controlled by the thoughts. For instance, Jessica starts to play the drums and Lori suddenly gets a headache. Or Matt will try to keep John from dating someone he doesn't like and starts making loud siren noises, etc.

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