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Author Unknown

Originally just called "Alphabet," this game became "Alphabet Characters" to make it more interesting. Members of the team are assigned a certain famous person or character to portray and then they act out a scene using successive letters of the alphabet.


Host: Okay, Player 1 -- You are Michael Jackson. Player 2 -- You are Homer Simpson. Player 3 -- You are Barney. You are all eating in an expensive restaurant. Start with the letter C.

Player 1: Can you believe it!? My nose just fell into my soup!

Player 2: Duh!!

Player 3: Even without your nose, Michael, you are still a special person. Let's sing about, la, la...

Player 1: Forget your song. I gotta find my nose! I paid nearly 30 million dollars for it!

Player 2: Give me that basket of rolls, Barney! Yum...rolls...

Player 3: Here you go, Homer. Don't forget to say "thank you." Tee-hee-hee!

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