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Jim Bowman

Participants enhance their communication skills by passing "you" from one person to another. Players stand in a circle. One person starts by gesturing toward someone else in the circle and saying, "You." That participant then gestures and says "you" passing it to another person in the circle. There is no particular order or sequence for the "you", but as it is passed, the energy and volume that the person to whom she is passing the "you" realizes that he cannot top it. The energy and volume then begins to decrease in steps until the gesture disappears and the "you" is not heard, only mouthed. From there, the mouthing stops, the "you" is passed with movement of the eyes, and eventually nothing happens to indicate who has the "you," but it is still being passed around the circle. It will get lost very soon after this point, but the participants will fell as if they have had a "connection" with each other. This game is especially good for small cast plays to try with each other. The more secure and closer actors feel with each other, the more risks they will be able to take in rehearsal.

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