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ComedySportz of Chicago

·3 players = 1 guesser and 2 mimers

·send guesser out of the room

·pick 5 active activities and change them

- bowling

- not a ball, but a rubber chicken

- not shoes, but flippers

- not pins, but dogs

- soccer

- not uniform, but tutu

- not ball, but celebrity's head

- not grass, but carpet

- washing dishes

- not dishes, but alligators

- blue jello, not water

- not soap, but pudding

- going to the bathroom

- not alone, but with a famous person

- not toilet, but shark

- not bathroom, but a famous monument

- synchronized swimming

- teammates include celebrity

- not water, but lava

- not swimsuit, but straightjacket

·number in order of difficulty

·bring guesser back in who must first guess AND demonstrate activity - DON'T demonstrate for him

·assume that your partner knows nothing and spell it all out for him

·then must guess remaining details, finally performing the entire thing then stating it aloud

·remember the "replacement" gesture - once activity is established you must then eliminate the normal items by "throwing them away"

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