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Susan's Audition Rules

by Susan Rush, Viterbo University, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

1. Be yourself.

2. Be prepared.

3. Be prepared.

4. Be prepared.

5. Don't explain your scene or monologue. JUST DO IT!

6. Make choices. Don't give a neutral reading.

7. Dress appropriately.

8. Assume the auditioners have no imagination.

9. Don't apologize.

10. During the audition, don't use the director/producer as an audience.

11. Focus. Concentrate. Don't wander -- anchor yourself. In a musical audition:

1. Don't use a taped accompaniment unless required to do so.

2. Don't sing a capella.

3. Don't ask the pianist to transpose.

4. If the pianist is lousy, don't turn around and glare at him/her.

5. Explain the tempo and cuts to the pianist before you start, and make sure the music will easily stay on the piano.

6. Rock songs don't sound good without rhythm; be cautious when using them.

7. Try not to use the "song of the moment;" it gets old fast.

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