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The Actor's Checklist

© 2013 Kerry Hishon

Rehearsal Tools

• Script (and score, if applicable)

• Two pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener

• Two highlighters (two different colours)

• Notebook and/or paper

• A bottle of water

• Extra snacks

• Towel

• Recording device (iPod)

Essential Clothing

• “Rehearsal blacks”: black dress pants or leggings and black long-sleeved t-shirt

• Black dress shoes or jazz shoes

• White, long-sleeved button-down shirt

• A plain leather belt, in brown or black

• Appropriate undergarments:

• For girls: a skin-coloured or nude bandeau bra, camisole, or leotard, to go under your

costume for quick changes

• For boys: a plain white t-shirt, again to go under your costume for quick changes

• Comfortable clothing for dance rehearsal (leggings, sweat pants, loose-fitting tops)

• Dance shoes, if needed (character shoes, tap shoes, ballet slippers, etc)

Makeup/Grooming Items for Showtime

Put these items in a bag with your name clearly labelled on it, and don’t share these items!

• Brush or comb

• Travel-sized hair spray or gel

• Black eye liner pencil

• Foundation or base makeup, one shade darker than your usual skin tone

• Hair ties/elastics that match your hair colour, as well as clips or bobby pins to pull your hair out of your face

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