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Sample Bio

I think we may need to take a look at some examples of a program bio.

A student bio might look like:

Ima Leko (Lighting Designer) is pleased to light its seventh show at Fresnel HS. Leko has sparked to life since joining tech crew. Ima thanks Tharon, Jules, and

Stanley for all their design help.

C. Wrench (Electrician) This is C's last show here at Fresnel HS. He is proud to welcome his brother, Altman Wrench to crew. C. is looking forward to attending Rosco University.

Woody Hammer (Master Carpenter) has built eight shows in the last two weeks. He has also served as supervisor to "strike" and "Thumb Pounded." He thanks Stanley

and Estwing.

Here are a few professional bios. Yes, they are more than 30 words long. You get to have more words when you have more years under your belt.

Michael Powers is the Technical Director at The Meadow Brook Theatre, a LORT B theatre in Rochester, Michigan, a Detroit suburb. Prior to The Meadow Brook

Theatre, Michael has worked at such theatres as Geva in Rochester, N.Y., The Lyric Theatre in Oklahoma City, The Cherry County Playhouse in Traverse City

Michigan, The Walnut St. Theatre in Philadelphia, The Pittsburgh Public Theatre in Pittsburgh and Wild Wood Park For the Performing Arts in Little Rock.

Scott C. Parker (Designer) has been a Lighting/scenic designer, Equity stage manager and technical director in New York since 1981. Mr. Parker's credits include Radio City Music Hall, the Lincoln Center Institute, Gene Frankle Theater, The Public, John Houseman Theater, American Place, Town Hall. Mr. Parker has worked in theaters from Boston to Nashville. Mr. Parker has worked as a TV News Cameraman with work appearing on all New York City News programs. Work has also

been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, TNN, CNBC, overseas television and GOOD MORNING AMERICA, 48 HOURS and REGIS PHILBIN.

Scott C. Parker (Production Designer/Technical Director/Teacher) has been at the Edward R. Murrow HS since December, 1998. He was the TD/Designer at the

Berkeley Carroll School from 1994 to 1999. He has a Masters Degree in Theatrical Design & Technology from Brooklyn College. He has studied design at NYU's

Tisch School of the Arts, The Studio School of Stage Design, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and at Bennington College, where he earned his Bachelor's


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