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Random Thoughts on Auditions

Cold readings are OK -- Prepared Monologues are much better!

- selections should not be from show being auditioned for

- 1-2 minutes long

Theatre is not fair:

You must match the character the director has in mind.

Your body is your instrument and may not be what the director has in mind -- height, weight, vocal range.

Do you have:


Willingness to learn?

Common sense?




How will the auditioning director answer this question about you?

"Does this person have a realistic concept of who they are?"

Directors WANT you to succeed in an audition.

DON'T perform! DO be honest and sincere in your presentation!

Dress appropriately -- your clothing, hair, and accessories shouldn't draw more attention than your performance.

Remember -- an audition is an INTERVIEW!

Dress so the director has an idea of your body type -- simple, but not baggy or faddy. No tennies or boots.

If you get called back the next day, wear the same clothing as you did the day before.

Make your introduction short and sweet. Don't set up the scene. Say thank you at the end of the audition.

When in the audition venue, don't complain, gossip, etc., because you never know who may be listening.

NO PROPS! If it's a proppy piece, don't do it. Even too much pantomime, such as telephones or teacups, are not good.

CATTLE CALL - (mass auditions) give your strongest piece first

CALL BACKS - do a contrasting piece

SINGING - no electric components

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