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Wildfire makes a UV fabric dye. The dye is as hazardous as any dye, but harmless once the job is completed.

I have also heard that washing things in "Tide" detergent will cause some UV fluorescing. It is cheap, quick, and non-toxic.

Actually, it is phosphorus, not the bleach that glows. If you are hard pressed, you could try this: Home Depot and the like carry a florescent orange spray paint. It is for marking and other safety uses. It will glow under UV quite well. It also might shed in an evil way. But it might be worth exploring.

You might experiment with Woolite fabric cleaner. I've found that many fabrics glow when washed in this stuff. Other than that, you might look at your local hardware store for "fluorescent clear" spray paint. The stuff dries as a clear coat, but glows red under UV. (SPFX shops used this stuff on their models as an alternative to blue screen at one time)

Not only did we wash the garments in detergent that contained phosphorus, we added the same detergent to a gallon of paint and painted

the deck with it.

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