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Theater is a communication art - an art form that is a collective whole made up of a number of collaborators.

Definition of good design: The most appropriate method of realizing the script within the time, budget and labor constraints.


Step 1. Read the play.

Step 2. Take and assessment of available resources: Time, Money, and Labor.

Step 3. Consult with the Director.

Step 4. Motivate others into helping you.

Step 5. Do the paperwork: lists, drawings, reproductions of research.

Step 6. Make a schedule for yourself and then stick to it early on. (plan at least 10 hours per costume if you are not making them and plan 3-4 times as much if you are) being careful to pace yourself.

Step 7. Make it fun for yourself and others. Laugh at your mistakes! But take pride in doing your best.

Step 8. Be the first to find a problem and correct it. Remember the “squirm” factor.

Step 9. Enjoy your success.

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