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The Controllable Qualities of light

1. Intensity

2. Distribution (where you place lights)

3. Movement (how you fade in some lights as others go out)

4. Color

The Purpose of Lighting:

1. Visibility: to be able to see the stage and its contents

2. Modeling: to sculpt the body with placement of instruments

3. Selective Visibility: to hi-lite spot or other wise draw the audience’s attention through the use of intensity.

4. Mood: to enhance the spirit by use of color, intensity, distribution etc.

Popular Formulas:

McCandless formula:

For modeling on a budget distribute light amber completely on 1 half of the electric (front of house) and a light blue on the other half. Make acting areas (7 foot tall by 12 foot wide).

Double Hung McCandless :

For modeling with a bigger budget.

Proscenium Formula:

Two opposite colors on each side with a neutral color front and center

Combination Formula:

The use of cyan and magenta distributed over 3 points (color and modeling)

Watson Formula:

Red Green Blue distributed over 3 points in an attempt to color and model (tricky, can be cool).

No one formula is a one size fits all and can make for a boring LD if used to the letter or with out any inner creativity.

Ellipsoidal conversions:

10 degree = 6x22

19 degree = 6x16

26 degree = 6x12

36 degree = 6x9

50 degree = 4.5x6

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