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Audition Do's and Don'ts

by Janet E. McLean, Viterbo University, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Audition Do's:

1. Choose appropriate material. Pieces of extensive anger and/or vulgarity can cause auditioners to tune out.

2. Time your audition carefully. Timing starts after your introduction.

3. Announce yourself and your piece clearly. If you are a replacement, say your wait list number.

4. Take time to shift focus between pieces.

Audition Don'ts:

1. Don't sing a cappella.

2. Don't use taped accompaniment. An accompanist is provided.

3. Don't sing if you can't. The same applies at the dance audition; it will only hurt your audition.

4. Don't choose a bad script just because it is obscure.

5. Don't choose a bad piece with obscene or offensive language.

6. Don't choose material that berates the audience.

7. Don't use a dialect or an accent.

8. Don't throw chairs onstage.

9. Don't speak to the floor, the chairs, or the sides of the thrust.

10. Don't spend excessive time arranging furniture.

11. Don't treat the timer or the accompanist with disrespect.

12. Don't turn your back to compose yourself or change the mood. It wastes time.

13. Don't rush through it to get it over with.

14. Don't speak so softly that you can't be heard.

15. Don't apologize for your mistakes.

16. Don't leave the stage with a negative feeling.

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