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Acting Basics – Do’s And Don’ts

© 2015 Kerry Hishon


• Remember your lines and cues!

• Remember your entrances / exits / prop movements.

• Stay in character onstage.

• Speak loudly and clearly when on stage.

• “Cheat out” so the audience can see your face.

• Remain quiet backstage at all times.

• Hang up your costume neatly after wearing it.

• Put the play first.

• Remain respectful of the crew, fellow actors, the backstage team, and yourself.

• Always give your very best as soon as you walk into the theatre!


• Touch other actors’ props or personal items.

• Fiddle with your props / costume / hair onstage.

• Shuffle your feet onstage.

• Upstage your fellow actors, or act like a diva.

• Be a team player instead!

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