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We have a wonderful opportunities to help students learn about attending live performances and what behavior is appropriate. Please discuss the following with your students.

1. An usher will show you where to sit. Walk slowly and talk quietly as you enter the theater.

2. After being led to your seat, use the restroom and/or get a drink before the performance begins.

3. Once you are seated, you may talk quietly to the people next to you until the performance begins.

4. When the lights in the theater begin to dim, it is the signal that the performance is about to begin. You should stop talking and turn your attention to the stage.

5. Stay in your seat throughout the entire performance.

6. During the performance, listen quietly and watch closely. Talking during the performance will disturb others around you. They won't be able to concentrate on the performance, and the performers will think you don't like the show.

7. If you think something is fun, it's OK to laugh. If you like something a lot, applaud. This will let the performer know that you are enjoying the show.

8. At the end of the show, applaud if you had a good time. Applause is how you say thank you to the performer. The performers will bow as you applaud. That is how they say thank you for coming.

9. When the lights get brighter in the theater, the show is over. This means it is time to leave. Watch for an usher who will help your group exit the theater.

10. Please remember also that:

The taking of photographs and the use of recording devices are strictly prohibited.

Remember that you are only one person among several hundred in the audience. Please respect your fellow audience member.

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