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At first, I would NOT charge any dues. Try to get as many people involved as you feel prepared to handle. If you have no required shows (like a musical), then perhaps do some one-acts in the fall, and if interest is there, something longer in the spring. If you really feel the support, try a musical. MTI has Jr. versions that are supposed to be good for new


Get parents involved. If you have a vision for the program, share it with them. Tell them also that (and this is provided you get to keep your ticket money for your program) they can best help by publicizing and fundraising for you. Go to our group's website; in the files are all sorts of fundraising ideas. Get parents to help you build sets, make costumes, sell refreshments at shows.

Where are you located? If you are a high school in IN, email me off list and I'll hook you up with the Indiana Thespians. Regardless, you might think about starting an ITS troupe at your school. Even if it is a middle school, they have a junior society. is the website. There are also good ideas for organizing your theater group as well.

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