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Compiled and Edited by Richard Finkelstein

I have worked for both academic and professional theatres for nearly 30 years. Especially in the academic arena I have also witnessed some outlandish program publication. Examples would include: Listing of the hairdresser above the Technical Director; forgetting to credit the

playwright; listing designers as "crew"; forgetting to list an intermission; failing to list the licensing agent (usually in violation of the contract) etc. These can be serious problems or lead to serious problems. To help to educate, I have assembled this checklist. It includes most of the personnel and information that one MIGHT wish/need to provide in a program. Thus it is intended as a checklist/reminder. Of course the needs of individual productions would vary so this is obviously a guide and not the bible on the subject. Still I submit the listing to you in the hopes that it may help to solve a persistent problem.

Cover or First Page Info:

· Play Title

· Playwright

· Translator

· Composer

· Librettist

· Presenting Organization

· Performance Location

· Performance Date(s) INCLUDING YEAR

· Theatre contact information

· Website Address

Creative Team (These should be together in the same place.)

· Director

· Musical Director and/or conductor

· Choreographer

· Set Designer (Scenic Designer)

· Costume Designer

· Lighting Designer

· Sound Designer

Department Heads:

· Technical Director

· Stage Manager

· Dramaturg

· Master Carpenter(s)

· Master Electrician

· Costume Shop Foreman

· Property Master

· Sound

· Wardrobe Master

· Charge Artist

· Makeup Design

· Dance Captain

Cast Listing:

· List in a logical order. Traditionally either in order of appearance or in alphabetical order.

· Double Casting

· Leads first

· Chorus

· Dancers

· Understudies

· Understudy Policy


· All are listed along with the instruments that they play

Assistants (note the difference between the terms: associate, assistant, assistant to)

· Assistant Director

· Assistant Designers

· Assistant Choreographer

· Assistant Musical Director

· etc.

Program Notes

Directors Notes

Dramaturgical Notes

Producers Notes

Act and Scene Time and Place

Intermission and Pause Location and length


· Carpentry

· Flymen

· Electrics

· Costume Construction

· Wardrobe

· Properties

· Makeup

· Publicity

· Sound

Refreshment Information

Photo and Recording Policy

Pager and Cell-Phone Policy

ACTF Policy

Access Policies

Biographies of Cast and other major players:

· Determine a logical order such as alphabetical by last name

· Determine content, length, and editorial policies

Cast and Crew Photos

Safety & Exit Information


. Strobe lights

. Smoke/fog

. Loud Noises (guns, explosions)

. Nudity

. Mature subject matter, language

Late Seating Policy

Season, Subscription, and box office Information including the box office phone number

Sponsors and Donors


Wish List

Acknowledgment Lists

Music Copyright Information

Regalia Purchasing Information

Department Faculty and Staff List

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