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In is down, down is front,

Out is up, up is back,

Off is out, on is in,

Right is left, left is right.

A drop shouldn't,

And a block and fall does neither.

A prop doesn't,

And a cove has no water.

A running crew rarely moves anywhere,

A purchase line will buy you nothing,

And a trap won't catch anything.

Strike is work--a lot of work,

And a green room isn't, thankfully.

The mic is always on,

The batten is always out of weight,

The light is always hot,

There are always nails on the stage,

The ice is always slippery,

The circuit is always live,

The audience can always see you,

And the pit is always open and down.

Even if they appear otherwise, treat them as if they are!

Now that you know stage directions,

Break a leg!

(How to remember up/downstage: In ancient Greek theater, the stage was raked, so that as an actor walked away from the audience, he had to walk "up" the slope of the stage. Thus, the part of the stage farthest from the audience was known as "upstage," and the part of the stage closest to the audience as "downstage.")

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