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*How do you approach your work at each stage? Concept? Design? Casting? Staging? Rehearsal? Are there certain things you do every time, or do you switch up with every play?

*Are there any influences that affect your work? If so, who or what?

*What recent discoveries have you made in relation to your work? What part of your work did it affect?

*Do you follow any particular theories of directing or approaches? Why do you use it? What does it give you?

*Do you consider yourself to have an artistic vision as a director? Is this an overall vision you approach your work with, or a conceptual thought on a single production? If it is an overall approach, when did you first find yourself developing this thought process? How has it shifted and grown with you or not?

*Do you have a style? Where did it come from? How have you developed it? How do you define your style?

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