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1. Did the actor warm up so that his voice projects well in the space and his movements seem alert and responsive?

2. Does the introduction to the audition display confidence and a sense of professionalism, and is it minimal?

3. Is the actor relaxed and comfortable speaking informally about himself and his interests?

4. Does the actor have the appropriate age and physical characteristics for the role?

5. Is each audition piece complete in the sense of having a beginning, middle, and end?

6. Does it seem like the actor is born to play this character, or is he or she just very well-prepared with it?

7. Is the actor relaxed, comfortable, and having fun with the audition?

8. Is the actor using furniture and hand props effectively, both in setting up beforehand as well as during the performance?

9. Is the actor trying to “blow the auditors out of the room” or is he or she acting and reacting honestly?

10. Does the audition open out to the audience form communication and contact or does it seem tight, inhibited, and confined in the space?

11. Is it clear what the actor is fighting for in the scene?

12. Is there a sense of urgency and importance to the scene?

13. Is the actor clear about the physical location of his or her vis-à-vis and is he or she effectively using the imaginary character to propel the speech?

14. is the actor playing the events and discoveries clearly?

15. Does the actor understand the piece and use everything the material contains?

16. has the actor displayed a range of skills, eliminated any personal mannerisms, and presented variety in the total audition?

17. Is the actor’s costume loose and comfortable enough to permit him to perform the audition in a relaxed and controlled manner, and does the costume display the actor’s good taste and sense of self-respect?

18. Is the actor flexible enough to add a different emotion, change one or two major goals, or alter the relationship slightly when asked to perform the audition a second time?

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