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Collection of Relevant Theatre Articles

Starting with this premier blog post, I will be adding a plethora of articles collected over the years in all areas of theatre production and education. Bookmark or copy and paste to your heart's content. Add your thoughts and responses to enhance whatever topic you may be perusing. Make suggestions for further additions to the Theatre on a Shoestring website collections. And thank you for coming!

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by Kent Lantaff. STAGE DIRECTIONS. October 1996 What do theatrical employers believe actors need to learn from actor training programs? We asked a sampling of those who do the hiring in the theatre --

by Nym M. K. Nevarez. DRAMATICS. May, 1993. Have you ever watched a juggler throwing knives or bowling balls or flaming torches into the air, and wondered, "How does he do that?" Actually, it's a lot

by Shawn Lovely. DRAMATICS. March, 1994. You've been there. You're standing in the wings getting ready for an entrance. You're running through what's about to happen on stage, and trying to suppress y

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