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by Graham Holt

SPFX make-up is a great hobby and very inexpensive to get into, it's a hobby in which the only limits are those of your imagination. This little guide should set you in the right direction. There are some bare bones items that you will need and some of them you should already have so that makes it convenient, but others you will have to go out and buy. Fortunately, none of the items are very expensive and you should be able to find them all for under $20 total. Anything with a + next to it is a necessity.

All the items are listed individually along with where to get it, what to do with it, and how much it should cost. All costs are approximate and may be different in your area.

Corn Syrup --

What it is: Average everyday Karo or other brand corn syrup. Get the clear or white kind.

Where to get it: Grocery bakery section

What to do with it: Make fake blood

Food Coloring --

(red, yellow, blue, and green)

What it is: Bottled food dye

Where to get it: Grocery bakery section

What to do with it: Make fake blood

Small Sponges --

What it is: Small sponges sometimes triangular in shape usually yellow or white.

Where to get it: Beauty Supply Stores, drug stores, Discount stores

What to do with it: Used to apply and blend make-up.

Liquid Latex --

What it is: an organic rubber that applies wet and dries rubbery and almost clear.

Where to get it: Drugstore or local Halloween shop.

What to do with it: Facial adhesive, wrinkle effect, making of prosthetics

Cream Make-up --

What it is: Water based make-up goes on smooth and comes off with soap and water.

Where to get it: During Halloween season these are at drugstores and Halloween stores

What to do with it: You can Paint Your Face. The reason you only need red, yellow, blue, white and black is because with these you can mix to make any color you want (remember the color wheels in art class. Yellow+blue=green, blue+red=purple, red+yellow=orange, all three give you brown. Always add the dark color to the light one not the other way around).

Eye/Lip Liner Pencils --

What it is: These are make-up pencils that are just like the graphite ones only with make-up instead of the graphite.

Where to get it: Anywhere that make-up is sold

What to do with it: With these you can outline clown type make-up (black), make a light cut (red), or make a bruise (blue)

Toothpicks --

What it is: A little pointy piece of wood.

Where to get it: Grocery store bakery section

What to do with it: Ideal for mixing make-up, blood and gelatin.

Q-Tips --

What it is: A little stick with cotton one each side

Where to get it: Pharmacy/Health and Beauty section

What to do with it: Apply make-up.

Empty Film Canisters --

What it is: Little black plastic containers that film comes in.

Where to get it: Just about any place that develops film will be more than happy to give you all that you want.

What to do with it: These are great universal containers. If you store liquid in them you should seal the lid with tape and keep it up right at all times.

Knox Gelatin (not JELLO it has sugar) --

What it is: Unflavored gelatin

Where to get it: The JELLO section of your favorite market.

What to do with it: Make a cool Scar Effect.

Shot Glass or Two --

What it is: A little glass that holds about one ounce of fluid.

Where to get it: You can find them cheap at thrift stores.

What to do with it: Good for mixing.

Petroleum Jelly or Cold Cream --

What it is: Make-up remover and petroleum jelly (you probably only need the travel size).

Where to get it: Where ever make-up is sold

What to do with it: Makeup remover

In addition to this stuff you will need something to put all of it in. You can use an old tackle or tool box, make something cool out of a detergent box or be unoriginal and buy a make-up case.

This is a short list of stuff that you might want to get if you stick with the hobby or have more money to spend.

Bald Cap

Grease Make-Up

Rigid Colodion

Spirit Gum

Spirit Gum Remover

Colorset Powder (Talcum Powder)

Derma Wax


Plaster (for making molds)

Fake Hair

Real Hair

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