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Charles County, Maryland Fine Arts

Target 1:

Develop self-awareness, creative thinking, confidence, self-discipline, collaboration, and risk-taking through the fine arts.

Target 2:

Develop skills for the safe and appropriate use of materials, tools, technology, and procedures.

Target 3:

Identify the various historical, social, and cultural influences and traditions which generated artistic accomplishments throughout the ages and which continue to shape contemporary arts.

Target 4:

Develop the design skills of planning the form and structure of space, objects, events, and systems with artistic and technological skills.

Target 5:

Refine perceptual, intellectual, physical, and technical skills through the creation and production of fine arts.

Target 6:

Demonstrate an understanding of the unique qualities shared by the arts.

Target 7:

Acquire skills for artistic expression through the use of contemporary technologies.

Target 8:

Cultivate and demonstrate an understanding of the arts as essential forms of human expression.

Target 9:

Develop the critical thinking skills of observation, description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of artistic content and form in the arts.

Target 10:

Demonstrate artistic growth through the process of critique.

Target 11:

Acquire knowledge and skills that strengthen and refine aesthetic awareness in the fine arts.

Target 12:

Demonstrate knowledge of career opportunities in the arts and an understanding of those skills learned through fine arts education which are transferable to the world of work, other disciplines, and personal life.

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