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Interactive and Improvisational Drama -- An online resource for those who use theatre techniques for other or more than arts or entertainment purposes, and for those whose theatre styles incorporate other than traditional presentation styles.

A Story-A-Day -- Great improv ideas!

Stand-Up Comedy Workshops -- Tongue in cheek lessons on the art of improv.

Improv Acting -- Learn How To Perform Comedy Murder Mystery Shows For Fun And Profit.

Improv Encyclopedia -- Improv games, handles, concentration exercises, drama techniques, character exercises, warm-ups, long form Improv formats, improvised show formats, tips for improv workshops and much more.

Inhibitions and Restrictions -- Ideas on switching roles to more playful and imaginative modes when called for in new situations such as a class on improvisational dramatics or characterization studies.

Reflections on Improvisation -- A model for structuring improvisational experience.

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