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Actors & Acting

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10 Audition Pet Peeves -- Some of these are annoying things that happen because of the actors, and some are things the people casting you do.

12 Best Apps for Actors -- Here are some favorite tech tools amongst the acting community.

21 Problems Only Community Theatre Actors Understand -- Those who have done community theatre can attest to the fact that it’s not as glamorous as it seems, and many of the pitfalls are things that make you want to laugh and cry simultaneously.

51 Fresh Audition Songs For Altos -- Click the "More Details under the song to get context, see lyrics and hear the song.

Ace Your Audition -- Our aim is to provide aspiring actors with an information resource, helping them to book more acting work by improving their audition technique.

ActingBiz -- Need information about how to begin or advance your acting career? Start here for articles about agents, casting directors, audition skills, and more.

Acting Magazine -- The ultimate guide to acting.

Actors Studio, The -- Info on how to become affiliated with this theatre workshop for professional actors, directors and writers.

Audition Inside -- Search hundreds of auditions, casting calls, submission notices and more. -- The complete online performing arts resource.

ExploreTalent -- The # 1 Talent Community and the Most visited by agents, managers, casting directors & Industry insiders.

Five Life Lessons I've Learned from Stage Combat -- These five have particularly made an impact on the author's everyday life.

Get Rid of Your Accent Now -- On this page, the actor can learn various techniques to speak any language without an accent.

How to be Creative -- So you want to be more creative, in art, in business, whatever. Here are some tips that have worked for me over the years.

International Dialects of English Archive -- A repository of primary source recordings for actors and other artists in the performing arts. All recordings are in English, are of native speakers, and you will find both English language dialects and English spoken in the accents of other languages.

Memorizing Lines -- Need help to memorize? Here are 5 great tips to help you on your way off-book. -- Performing Arts & Artists Worldwide: Opera, Orchestra, Choir, Ballet, Dance, Theatre, Film.

Performance Awareness -- Involves the awareness that behavior is noticed and to some degree evaluated by others. The point of this essay is that it is useful for people everyone, not just actors, to more clearly recognize when and how they are performing.

Portfolio Preparation and Presentation -- From resumes to interviews, from webpages to powerpoint presentations.

Rejection is Like Rocket Fuel -- Whether it’s acting, a job, college or anything else, use your defeats to power every future effort.

Resumes for Child Actors -- Whether your child is a new actor just breaking in, or a more experienced actor who needs a little resume make-over, this article is for you!

Stage Agent -- A web service dedicated to the performers and producers of musicals, dramas, and operas in order to provide useful information for the people who make theater magic happen.

Stage Online, The -- News, reviews and features on every aspect of the arts and entertainment industry.

Stanislavsky System, The -- The ideal of truthfulness is Stanislavsky's greatest legacy -- "it's what acting is all about."

Tips for Radio Actors -- Directing, acting, technical, learning & teaching, researching, styles, genres.

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