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on a Shoestring

This is a comprehensive resource for teachers and directors who want to produce quality theatre on a shoestring budget, from classroom activities to 

directing to designing. Browse our BLOG, GLOSSARY,

LINKS, and PLAY DATABASE for theatre education and

pre-production tips. Also included is a PHOTO GALLERY

 of shows directed by Laurie Swigart provided here as inspiration for all your own productions.

Enjoy the collection of motivational QUOTES,

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you were here. Thanks for visiting!

New Book by Laurie Swigart!

Performance Approaches to Shakespeare is a unique 8.5×11″, 364-page spiral bound volume that walks teachers or directors step-by-step through the process of discovering Shakespeare’s textual performance clues. It will be a tremendous addition to any English or drama educator’s library. Use the chapter information for creating lesson plans and rehearsal table work. Access the many charts of textual references and the 101 topic-specific activities for teaching and/or directing the plays in any curriculum or theatre season. It is also recommended for use as a textbook in secondary or college-level courses on Shakespeare in performance. Click graphic above to access website for more information and to purchase this one-of-a-kind Shakespeare resource. 

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