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by Cathy Archer - Theatre teacher at Rutland High School in Rutland Vermont, President of the Vermont Drama Council, chapter director for the state of Vermont for ITS; teaches grades 8-12.

I usually end up going with my gut which is almost always right. Every time I second guess myself or listen to someone else I am not happy with the end result. I try to have as many reasons for making the decisions I do because "trust me I know what I am doing" doesn't always make the parents and students happy. I had two different shows where the students and parents insisted I had made the wrong choice for the lead and was told the show would be a disaster!!!! Both times the lead, who was unexpected and not considered lead material, rose to the occasion and gave a wonderful performance. Sometimes a student has an understanding of the material or of human nature that goes beyond their "talent" but serves them as they develop the part.

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