A History of Light and Lighting -- From "the beginning" to the present.
American DJ -- Products Include Disco Lights, Club Lighting, DJ Lights, Special Effects, Professional Lighting, & DJ Audio Gear.
An Approach to Stage Lighting -- Products Include Disco Lights, Club Lighting, DJ Lights, Special Effects, Professional Lighting, & DJ Audio Gear.
Big Clive -- SFX to make and do.
BMI Supply -- 571 Queensbury Ave., Queensbury, NY 12804; Ph: (518)793-6706; Fax: (518)793-6181; E-mail: -- The right light at the right price.
Bulbtronics -- Stocked with thousands of products and useful information to help you identify the bulbs you need.
Chauvet -- Affordable, professional and unique lighting products. -- Mail order retailer of pro dj equipment, special effects dmx intelligent lighting equipment and pro audio. Dealer for dj lights, lasers, fog machines, strobes, pin spots, replacement bulbs, mixers, amps, speakers.
Dove Systems -- Quality lighting equipment for theatre, television, churches.
Express Light Color LED Bulbs -- Welcome to our LED Novelty Party Bulbs category. Containing a range Novelty and Party LED bulbs designed to provide you with some non standard lighting at good prices. Despite varying product specifications in this section, all the products fully utilize LED technology to provide you with bulbs that last long and save money.
Field Template -- Revolutionizes the way theatrical lighting plots are drafted.
Gam Products, Inc. -- Manufactures and distributes worldwide a variety of unique award winning lighting products. -- Sold more (predominantly) used product in professional Stage Lighting, Pro Audio, Video and Staging than anyone. A large majority of the company's customers are "dealers" including production / rental companies and resellers who typically buy at slightly lower prices than end-users.
Gel Cross Reference -- Complete comparison chart of Lux, Lee, Apollo, Lene, Cinegel, and Cinecolor gels.
Gobos to Go -- Provides attractively priced glass gobos of the highest quality in black, white, gray-scale, and full color.
High Output -- A world of lighting and camera support possibilities. -- Whether you are looking for CFL Bulbs, Metal Halide Lamps, or just the right Fluorescent Light Bulb, we have what you need. We offer complete HID & Fluorescent Ballast kits, lighting fixtures, emergency lighting, and Grow Lights as well. We also carry an extensive selection of LED Lights, with new products added regularly.
InLight Gobos -- Your premiere U.S. gobo manufacturer of glass gobos. We offer both catalog and custom gobos in a wide range of sizes for most conventional and automated lighting instruments.
J2 LED Lighting -- Providing a continuing stream of new and unique lighting sources, accessories, and materials, supporting customers in an assortment of industries: product display manufacturing companies, contract manufacturers, film prop builders, prop rental companies, city and state agencies, solar installers, sign builders, and DIY enthusiasts.
LED -- Flameless LED candles.
LED candles -- Flickers like a real candle without the smoke, carcinogens, hot wax, and fire hazard and provides an attractive alternative to traditional candles in mood lighting in architectural, entertainment, or retail display applications. -- We buy and sell used lighting equipment.
Light Bulbs, Etc. including stocking over 4000 different bulb types.
Live Design Magazine -- An international leader in the entertainment and lighting industry.
Lighting Handbook -- A fairly in-depth description of the physics of light as well as the mechanical and electrical considerations of the lighting equipment.
Light Source, The -- Innovative lighting products that can save you time and money. -- A full service lighting and audio dealer that will design, furnish, and install lighting and audio systems throughout the U.S.
Live Wire --The ElectroLuminescent Lighting Professionals.
Phillips -- LED lighting.
Premier Lighting & Production Company -- Used equipment and warehouse specials.
Production Advantage -- Quality theatrical supplies and equipment.
Rosco USA -- Internationally known dealer in scenic, lighting, and SFX products.
Solaris -- Used stage lighting, used audio & used staging equipment.
Stage Lighting Guide -- This brief guide offers a sequence of step-by-step decisions to form the basis of a lighting process for the smaller scale production. It has been prepared by a lighting designer with experience of working on productions of all types and sizes.
Stagelights.Info -- Links to designs and a wide range of information, vendors, retailers, and other topics of interest to theatrical lighting designers.
Stage Lighting Tech Pages -- Links to the sites of equipment maunfacturers, hire companies, organisations and other sites on the internet dedicated to lighting; also pages of technical information, such as connector pinouts, channel listings for intelligent lighting, dimensions of lanterns and so on.
Stage Lighting 101 -- A comprehensive overview of the art and science of lighting design, for entertainment lighting applications.
Stage Lighting for Students -- Back to the basics for beginners.
Stage Lighting Instruments -- Detailed descriptions of varied lighting instruments and their respective parts and uses.
Star Light and Magic -- Lights and effects including pyro.
TMB -- Production supplies and services worldwide. -- Buy, sell, and trade used lighting.
Vincent Lighting Systems -- Rental items for sale.
Wildfire -- Leader in the creation of Ultraviolet visual effects for film, television, theatrical productions.




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